WFTDA’s Offseason

I know WFTDA doesn’t officially have an off-season, but this is about as close as we are going to get.  Only 3 bouts this past weekend and no teams in the Top 100.  Once we get some movement again I’ll post the weekly rankings, but until then I will keep updating the non-Top 100 teams and come January 1st I’ll probably release my full rankings.  But it brings up an interesting point, should WFTDA support an official off-season?  Now you could argue that these 6 teams that competed this past weekend would be affected by that, and I would be more inclined to agree with you if 2 of the 3 bouts weren’t rematches that occurred less than a month ago.  Its an interesting idea, but also it may be more trouble than its worth.

Until the next time…



  1. I would be in the camp of saying that enforcing an off-season is more trouble than it’s worth, can’t see any worth in it at all really. Since there’s not really an off-season and the 2014-2015 season is almost half over, it might be best to call the current level of activity – the mid-season break or pause.


  2. I fully agree. I long had thought that there should be an official break, but after trying to figure out how to do it I think it is just best to let it be. With such few bouts already taking place in December it would have been way more trouble to try and enforce the break instead of just letting these few bouts happen.


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