Clover Cup and Dust Devil Statistical Recap

Happy Friday everyone.  As promised I am feeling a little better and am ready to bring you a more in depth recap of the Clover Cup (hosted by Dallas) and the Dust Devil (hosted by Tucson).  If you enjoy this format and type of information please let me know and I will use it for other tournaments/invitationals as we lead up to the 2015 playoffs.

Our first look today is going to be at the Clover Cup and how much the this weekend helped or hurt their WFTDA rankings.  The biggest story in my opinion coming into this tournament was always going to be how would Dallas do a year after getting knocked out of this tournament early last year.  They responded by winning the 2015 Clover Cup and never really being challenged along the way.  The other story of note, 2014 Clover Cup winners Gold Coast loss two lopsided bouts and were eliminated in quick fashion this year.  These are two teams trending in completely different directions and it just goes to show how much can change in a year in WFTDA.  While we still don’t see a lot of change in the Top 15-20, from 20-80 it just seems like change is the name of the game.  Below I have a full run down of how the 2015 Clover Cup impacted each of the 8 teams that participated.

Team # of Bouts Tourney Record Average WFTDA Score Change in Weekly Rankings
Dallas 3 3-0 421.93 +9
Kansas City 3 2-1 364.12 +12
Houston 3 2-1 298.20 +10
Blue Ridge 3 2-1 289.88 +11
Big Easy 3 1-2 270.54 +10
OK Victory 3 1-2 266.73 -2
NW Arkansas 2 0-2 205.35 -25
Gold Coast 2 0-2 161.71 -10

In the Dust Devil, 4 of the 7 teams saw their weekly rankings as a result of the invite.  Treasure Valley and Boulder County led the way by going both going 3-0 on the weekend and even Tucson saw a little bump in their average despite only winning 1 of their 3 bouts.  The team that probably left the most on the track was Sac City.  They won 2 of their 3 bouts, out scored their previous WFTDA average, but still lost a spot in the weekly rankings.  This is a team that has been very consistent in the WFTDA points they are scoring per bout, but against teams they are better than they really need to rack up the points.  Playing Junction City and Duke this past weekend could have been good opportunities to wrack up huge wins, and while their wins were nice they needed to be bigger to optimize the WFTDA points available.

Team # of Bouts Tourney Record Average WFTDA Score Change in Weekly Rankings
Treasure Valley 3 3-0 307.25 +5
Boulder County 3 3-0 268.63 +6
Sac City 3 2-1 254.57 -1
Tucson 3 1-2 247.91 +5
Junction City 3 1-2 179.91 +46
Crossroads City 2 0-2 102.20 -19
Duke 3 0-3 72.18 N/A

I hope you all enjoyed this new little feature and I can’t promise I will do it for every weekend event(right now I can pretty much only guarantee Brewcity’s Midwest Brewhaha), but if you have an Invite or Tournament you would like me to put this together for please let me know. I already have the data I just need to reformat it to put it out there. As always thanks for the support and remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates.



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