Spudtown/Tinseltown/Southern Discomfort Breakdowns

As a little bonus this week here are a little more info in regards to three tournaments this weekend.  To start lets take a bit of a look at Southern Discomfort (hosted by Columbia).

Team # of Bouts Tourney Record Average WFTDA Score Change in Weekly Rankings
Jacksonville 2 2-0 540.67 +1
Charlottesville 2 2-0 407.43 +2
Columbia 3 3-0 375.21 +11
Brandywine 3 2-1 291.38 0
Ft. Myers 2 1-1 276.45 +28
Green Mt. 3 1-2 266.57 +17
Calgary 3 1-2 250.69 -10
Roc City 2 0-2 244.72 +6
Charlotte 1 0-1 150.20 -4
Killamazoo 3 0-3 108.65 -20

As you can see Jacksonville again dominated a tournament, but the real stories here were the rise of Columbia and the fall of Killamazoo.  Columbia (with the help of some great scheduling) moved up a very solid 11 spots and started to get a little separation in their effort to make D1 playoffs this year.  Killamazoo on the other had about as bad a weekend as any team in derby.  Not only did they go 0-3 but they dropped 20 spots this week and have just about been eliminated from the D2 playoff groups this year.  Nothing is impossible, but I just don’t see them making it this year.

Team # of Bouts Tourney Record Average WFTDA Score Change in Weekly Rankings
Angel City 2 2-0 581.60 +3
Arizona 3 1-2 351.93 -2
Santa Cruz 3 2-1 306.30 +2
Sacred City 2 0-2 299.06 +3

The Tinseltown Showdown again proved to be a great little tournament.  Angel City again showed their dominance, but for 3 of the 4 teams there were positive moves in the rankings and one of the two spots Arizona lost was due to Oly joining the fray.  I also applaud both Angel City and Sacred City for not playing each other as both teams probably recognized that neither team was going to be able to benefit from it.  It is funny, but sometimes that is the best way to go.


Team # of Bouts Tourney Record Average WFTDA Score Change in Weekly Rankings
Boulder County 3 3-0 386.68 +19
Sac City 3 2-1 363.43 +11
Treasure Valley 3 1-2 294.78 -5
New Hampshire 3 0-3 56.24 -45

Last, but not least this week, I will look at part of the Spudtown Knockdown.  The best way to look at the tournament is that there were two little round robins that took place.  Im just looking at the one with teams in the Top 100.  As you can see above New Hampshire has taken a huge step backwards.  With three huge losses they fell all the way to #111 in my rankings.  That will completely take them out of the 2015 Playoffs.  The other three teams really took advantage of this drop, even though I’ll admit that I thought Treasure Valley would have held up a bit better against Boulder County and Sac City.  But all three look to be at least solid D2 teams this year and all could still get up to D1s.

Next week I’ll break down The Big O, and I cant wait as 8 of my top 20 teams will be in action.  With all action being streamed at http://ecrg.com/bigo/live/ for free!!!


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