Month: October 2015

Derby Math Update

I know it has been awhile, and here is a bit of an update to where I have been, where Im possibly going, and what you can expect from Derby Math.  So I am going to use this blog to just be very honest and get some things out there.

Sometimes I just really dont like Derby.  And I know that I have always been a bit of an outsider in the derby world (or at least have felt that way), but the reason I quit writing about derby is because I got to the point that I really just didn’t like it.  Now dont get me wrong, the sport itself I love.  Every little bit about the actual sport is amazing, but it is/was the things that come along with the sport that just really turned me off and needing to step away.  And so that is what I did.  The politics, the drama, whatever you want to call it just got to the point where Derby (and especially writing about Derby) just wasnt any fun anymore.  I work 45-50 hours a week(not including my weekend reading of legislative updates) in the health insurance industry as a financial analyst trying to assist companies with the extreme complexities of the US Health Care system and the ever changing rules/laws provided by the Affordable Care Act.  Derby is supposed to be fun, something I could be involved in that let me get away from things for a bit.  Now I’ll be the first to admit when I was coaching that I forgot about that a bit, but spending the beginning part of the 2014-15 year writing as Derby Math it came back.

But then as Derby Math really got going leading into the 2015 WFTDA Playoffs it all went away again.  Im not going to get into all the details, but I will state that when people of “power” think too highly of themselves it pushes other people away.  The fun got sucked out of Derby Math and honestly it started to feel like a job and well I already have one of those.  So I plugged away to get thru the end of the Rankings Year because I became just too invested at that point to stop.  I had to see if it would work.  All in all I would say that it did, and I had a huge number of followers (at least I thought it was a good amount based on the stats I was seeing).  For me it was exciting to see teams progress thru the year and it really brought a new twist to just how intense each weekend could be with rankings switching.

Now I can tell you I wont be doing weekly updates this year.  I still havent figure out exactly what my involvement in derby will even be.  I love my local Brewcity Bruisers and could see myself trying to get involved with them in someway again.  Im sure I will start doing something with Derby Math as well, not sure exactly what though.  Maybe I’ll get back to actual blogging and trying to be more thought provoking instead of just providing numbers.  Whatever it is I need Derby to be fun, not a job.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has kept in contact or reached out to me.  I may not have always been the best at responding but you all mean a lot to me.  Derby can be the most amazing and frustrating thing at the same time (competitive bouts are just amazing) and I hope I can find that fun again.  I’ll keep all of you posted on the developments of Derby Math and thank you all again for your support.