The Streak!!!

November 6, 2010…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was still two weeks from arriving in theaters.  We had just started grooving to new hits like “Like a G6” and “Raise Your Glass.”  And Glee was still good, well maybe, it was just the start of the 2nd season.  The sporting world too had been having its moments.

Reggie Bush became the first player in history to forfeit the Heisman, Brett Favre was the starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings (Im from Wisconsin so you have no idea how much that still hurts), and Sebastian Vettel was about to become the youngest F1 champion ever.

But in the Derby world, this was the last time Gotham lost a WFTDA sanctioned bout. (*Note, all bout stats are provided by our good friends at  It was the semi-finals of the 2010 WFTDA Champs and the end result saw Gotham lose to eventual 2010 Champion Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 113-79.  They bounced right back the next day with a 162-51 win over Philly and it all began.  Gotham amassed 66 straight WFTDA wins over the next 5 years, with their only loss being a non-sanctioned bout against Your Mom in June of 2013.  To put some perspective on the sheer number of wins in a row, the current leader in consecutive wins (only 2015 playoff teams included) is Rose City at 6.  But now lets also look a lot deeper into this streak.

  • Consecutive Wins: 66
  • Number of Different Teams Defeated: 28
  • Most Played: Denver & Philly (8 each)
  • Most Points Scored: 624 vs. Long Island (4/21/12)
  • Fewest Points Scored: 140 vs. Oly (11/13/11)
  • Most Points Allowed: 173 vs. Texas (11/10/13)
  • Fewest Points Allowed: 8 vs. Carolina (9/28/12)
  • Largest Margin of Victory: 561 vs. Queen City (10/2/15)
  • Smallest Margin of Victory: 2 vs. Victoria (11/7/15)
  • Average Score: 284-82
  • Number of Times Score Margin was Less Than 50 Points: 7
  • Number of Times Score Margin was More Than 400 Points: 7

When done, The Streak lasted just over 5 full years and deserves a true place alongside some of the other greatest streaks in sports.  Just look how it compares (list is mostly US based but I threw a few others in there as well):

  • NCAA Basketball: UCLA Bruins (Men’s) 7 Consecutive Championships (1967-73), 88 Consecutive Wins (1971-74); Connecticut Huskies (Women’s) 90 Consecutive Wins
  • NBA Basketball: Boston Celtics 8 Consecutive Championships (1958-66)
  • Cycling: Lance Armstrong 7 Consecutive Tour de France (cheating or not that’s still crazy)
  • College Football: Oklahoma 47 Consecutive Wins (1953-57)
  • Soccer: AC Milan Unbeaten in 58 Consecutive Games (1991-93)
  • Formula 1: Michael Schumacher 5 Consecutive Championships (2000-04)
  • Tennis: Martina Navratilova 74 Consecutive Wins (1984)

Time will only tell just truly how great this streak was, but we all should agree that we witnessed something truly special.


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